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Urban Ghosts (Tokyo)

What's up?!
We can be up!

Up those tall buildings you see in Tokyo, I go up there just for fun, just to feel a fun and exciting thrill of being somewhere I should not be. It's nothing dangerous.

In my free time at night, I go out and find tall buildings to get up to their summits, sometimes there is a helipad or just nothing but aircon systems, sometimes the doors are locked and if there is no way through I just leave.
I never break in, only if the door is open/unlocked then I proceed.

If you wanna try, then you gotta be fit. I'm getting a secret club together so we can all go out and be urban ghosts.

The pics and videos of the views are amazing, and you feel truly on top of crazy Tokyo.

Let me know if you think you can handle it.
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