High Fire Miniature Ceramic Kiln - ¥95000 (Kanagawa, Minamirinkan)


サイズ/寸法: See Images
モデル名/型番: Tomi Hand Built Kiln
状態 : 新品
製造メーカー: Made by me

Can't get one in Japan. I made this kiln myself. It uses typical Japanese household current at 100 volts, and will plug into your regular 15 amp wall plugs. The coils are the highest quality you can get and are calibrated perfectly. I could not buy one here and nobody overseas would make one and ship it at 100 volts/15 amps. I only used it once to test it and it is fantastic and fast. I have the electronic materials for you to regulate and control the temperature. I actually have three and they are yours. I also made shelves for it. This will fire to 1300 centigrade, so can be used for any clay you might find in Japan or overseas and can also be used for Polymer clay projects as well. Inside dimensions 16cm x 10cm x 10cm. Thermal couple goes in through the top and I can show you that easily. Why am I selling it? I am a retired art teacher and my eyes are going quickly, so I just go surfing as waves are easy to see. Please, no scammers. It gets old fast. Price negotiable. Can meet you at Minamirinkan Station/Odakyu Line to show you this nice new product.
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