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Museum Wild West Collection - ¥1 (Beverly Hills California)


状態 : 美品
製造メーカー: US MINT

Formerly Part of a Museum Collection 30 Pieces of Silver dollars late 1800's-1920 CA The Stamp coin collection designed in 1883The Forty Niners original California Mint Display uncirculated Liberty Head Nickel designed by Charles E barber (7) uncirculated Liberty Head 13 Stars Original California Gold Stamp issued 1948-California Statehood Stamp 1950-Silver Centennial Stamp1959... The Pioneers (8) Mercury Dimes designed 1916 Adolph Weinman- Utahn Centennial Stamp 1947- Swedish Centennial Pioneer Stamp 1948-Gadsen Purchase Stamp 1953-Kansas Territorial Stamp 1954- Homestead Act Stamp 1962 - The America Indian (8) Pristine Indian Head Pennies very very valuable with comparative Stamps designed in 1859 by James B Longarce... With it the precious Centennial stamp first issued 1948, The Frederic Remington Stamp first issued 1961- The rarest of Stamp is the Chief Joseph 1968- Along with the Cherokee Strip Stamp issued 1968...The Trail Blazers 14 Uncirculated Buffalo Nickels Designed By James E Frazer 1913....The Range Conservation Stamp 1961...C.M Russel American Stamp 1964..Missouri Statehood Stamp... No funds are to be paid until items are inspected and assured in good standing... This is unique Wild West Collection there is no other like it in the world ... That we can assure you - Items are on display at Saltwater Films Studio Beverly Hills .. ... you can go to the website and email us . Sold to highest Bidder and or best offer
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