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Keyboardist looking for music making online (海外在住中) (Tokyo/Yokohama)

I have played piano since the age of 7. I am waiting to get a keyboard at the end of this month (January). I am moving between countries for jobs and school - I am currently in Japan. However, I am a Japanese citizen who has lived in Canada for over 14 years. It is not easy to find groups that are interested in the Japanese music, particularly alternative pop/rock and J-pop/rock, as I am interested in these genres. I do not have music samples but would love to learn and come up with creative music. I have once played with a band, but with a very different genre. I will be going to Japan sometime in June for around 3 months, as I will be volunteering for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

*As I have been away from Japan for too long, my Japanese is broken, but I can speak basic conversational Japanese. (I have worked in Tokyo for 2 years between 2014 and 2016).*


7歳からピアノを学び始めました。今は、海外に住んでるため、キーボードは持ってません。ですが、この月末(一月末)にはキーボードが届く予定です。この数年、学校と仕事の都合ででいろいろと世界を回っています。この6月には、三か月ほど、東京2020オリンピックのボルンティアのため、日本に戻ります。海外では、基本的に、日本ジャンルのバンドを探すのは、難しいです。自分はAlternative rock/J-pop/J-rock(今は、Bump of ChickenやMrs. Green Appleにはまっています。)に興味があります。音楽のサンプルはないですが、音楽を作るに挑戦したいです。以前は、ジャンルはまったく別ですが、一度バンドと組んだことがあります。
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厳選 [?]