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English Teaching Books & Materials (Kinshicho, Tokyo) - ¥500 (Kinshicho, Tokyo)

These teaching resources are used, but in good condition. Please see photos, description and prices for detail about each.

Well Said Intro (Pronunciation Textbook) ¥1,000 (used)
Grammar in Practice 1 ¥1000
Headway Textbook Intermediate ¥1000
Expressways Second Edition ¥1000
Impact Listening 2 ¥1000
Side By Side 3 w/ Audio Highlights CD ¥1000
Passports 1 Textbook (used) ¥1000
From Great Paragraphs to Great Essays ¥1000
Grammar with Laughter (used) ¥1000
Conversations in Class (used) ¥1000
Phonics Farm Textbook ¥800 (like new)
KingFisher First Encyclopedia ¥800 (like new)
My Spelling Workbook (used) ¥500
Longman English Playbooks: Prepositions ¥300
Longman English Playbooks: Time ¥300
Longman English Playbooks: Adjectives ¥300
Longman English Playbooks: Verbs ¥300
100 Words Kids Need to Read by 1st Grade ¥300
100 Words Kids Need to Read by 2nd Grade ¥300
100 Words Kids Need to Read by 3rd Grade ¥300
Long Vowels workbook ¥300
Activity Book for Children 1 (used) ¥200

Who Is It? Game (used, but all cards accounted for) ¥1000
25 Read & Write Mini-Books ¥1000
David Paul's Phonic Builder 1 ¥1,000 (good condition)
AGO Game 2 Poster (folds to A4 size) ¥500 (new)
AGO Level 2 & 3 ¥100 each (used, box falling apart)
Stencil for writing (can include for free if you buy something)
AGO2 Poster ¥200
Chat Pack (blue for kids) ¥600
Chat Pack (blue for kids) ¥600
Chat Pack (orange) ¥600
Chat Pack (green) ¥600

*Children’s Books:*
My Pet w/ CD ¥1000
What Can You Do? w/ CD ¥1000
A Teddy Bear w/ CD ¥1000

*Books for Teachers:*
Oxford Basics: Teaching Grammar ¥600
Oxford Basics: Presenting New Language ¥600
Oxford Basics: Simple Writing Activities ¥600
Oxford Basics: Vocabulary Activities ¥600
Oxford Basics: Classroom English ¥600
Oxford Basics: Simple Reading Activities ¥600
Oxford Basics: Listen and Do ¥600

Prices are as shown above or will take best offer. Discounts possible if you buy multiple items, please make an offer.

Pick up at Kinshicho or Ryogoku station or I can send them to you. If I post them to you, you must pay the shipping cost. Shipment will be made after I receive payment via PayPal, bank transfer or genkin kakitome.
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