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Startup iPhone Apps (Tokyo)

Our company has released 6 iPhone Apps in to the App store as a certified Apple Developer for over 11 years. In both English and Japanese for startups and large companies alike.

There are two types of iPhone App.
Those built in an HTML5 wrappers using "App Builder" tools such as Cordova and those built in Objective C natively. If you choose the cheaper and first option you may end up having to rebuild the App from scratch later when you get market traction.

When you are searching for developers you will find those who can do Apps cheaply and Quickly who use an App Builder software. Phone Gap/Cordova as an example produces the App in HTML to run inside a wrapper. It is useful for informative Apps and those that use web content or run a Web App inside the wrapper. But not for amazing featured or Startup Apps. BEWARE.
Objective C is what the Wrapper is coded in and to do any amazing and unique features you need to be able to code in Objective C/SWIFT and build a "Native" App. This is our specialty, real amazing features built into the phone, not copied from some off the shelf App builder.

Those who use Phone Gap/Cordova and those who can make Native Apps from scratch vary immensely in price, professionalism and "region". We are in Japan in Shinjuku and use our own developers who have been with us for years. We have been running our business over 15 years from Shinjuku and can be your trusted partner.

Our company is highly qualified in Native builds and have have been running in Japan for 15 years. and We would love to hear about your idea and how I can make it become a reality. Portfolio available on request. We do meetings at our Office in Tokyo if required.
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