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Daddy's hands! (Shibuya)

料金: TBD (¥¥$$!)

Despite the prevalence in these parts of young ladies far too smart for their own good, it's still an all too rare girl who knows what she needs. And rarer still the little sweetheart who's not afraid to embrace the undeniable fact that what she needs is a hard smack. Or two, or three. This is not a political issue or a social comment. This is just a deep and private hunger that reaches the very core of our beings.

Many men are happy to lie and pretend they like to be rough if it helps them cheat their way into a pretty girl's panties. But maybe you've already discovered how little even an earnest faker can do for you. If that urge doesn't burn in him, how can he ignite what's in you?

((Let's talk! We'll meet for some drinks first and see if the chemistry is right... :)))

A girl who knows what she needs can only get it from a certain sort of man. I am big and strong and smart, but what matters most is something inside me. It's an insatiable hunger to give what you yearn to receive. Dominant, rough, spanking; these are only words and anyone can use them. Our understanding is deeper and more primal than verbs and adjectives. We're two sides of the same coin, aren't we?
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