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Looking for a reading sitter (Tokyo)

料金: Negotiable upon initial screening meeting.

What is a reading sitter? A reading sitter is an accountability witness to an individual, whose main goal is to accomplish a sort of reading task.

The sitter must be capable of maintaining long periods of silence and non-judgment, with occasional appropriate sounds or signals, that acknowledge the presence and diligence and/or lack thereof, of the reader. Before the sit begins, the reader and the sitter will come to an (unspoken) agreement on the kinds of audible, physical (, psychic) signs, that are encouraged or forbidden.

If you find you are qualified for this role, please contact this ad. Venue for the sit will most likely take place at a coffee shop in downtown Tokyo. In this case, eligible candidates range from age 26 to 35, of any gender.

Kindly reply to this ad with a name you would like to be called, and answers to the following candidate quiz. Please note that correct answers are not necessarily given higher value; this is not an objective test.

Candidate quiz:
Red: black
Green: red
Orange: purple
Blue: ______
Light brown: purple

Nuts: pie
Paneer: Paratha
Coconut: Kalabasa
Yeast: ________
Ice cream: Cake

3. Tell me one thing about yourself you are proud of.

4. Write down 3 questions you would like answered by the reader.

5. (Image may appear elsewhere in the post.) Where is this screenshot taken from?

Compensation for this gig will be negotiable upon the first meeting. At the very least, the sitter can expect sit of equal or greater value from the reader client.

Upon successful completion of the first few sits, the reading sitter may be promoted to the role of writing sitter.

Best of Luck!
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