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Need an experienced video editor to help me sort out my documentary (Tokyo)

料金: lunch, beer, money?

I've finished wrapping an incredible documentary, but now comes the hard part: editing. I have zero experience with editing, as I'm also a first time filmmaker, but I actually have a good editor who can put together the story. The problem is that I have SO MUCH STORY that I don't want to go to this video editor and just dump it all on him and say, "Good luck!" I want to be much more clearer about what I'm trying to do with my story. And trust me, this story is very, very unique.
I am basically looking for somebody with experience to talk me through the process, or give me some ideas or help me organize everything. I can run through it all with you and then maybe you can help me block it together in the appropriate way it needs to be blocked into segments. I could do it really basic, but this documentary I want to pitch to the big league film distributors like Netflix and even possibly show it at Sundance or another film festival of that caliber.
What I need you to be:
1. Live in Tokyo and can actually meet me. Don't be so busy that I'm chasing you down for a week. Please for the love of GOD don't make me go crazy! I've met way too many people here in Tokyo that are more busier than myself, which in and of itself is NOT a bad thing, but just doesn't work for me. Actually have some time to give to me, since this is super important to my heart and I am taking this as seriously as possible.
2. If possible, please able to speak Japanese. If you can't speak Japanese, not sure you'll be able to help me unpack everything in the documentary. I speak some Japanese, but not enough to be competent for this documentary. I still might be okay if you can't speak Japanese well... I mostly need you to hear my concept and all that I have filmed and see if you can identify themes and what not to help me block all the parts together, if that makes sense.
3. Be nice and be respectful. If you are a dick or just somebody who is up their own ass, please don't even bother messaging me. I like nice people and this is also important because I don't want to be berated or told I suck, but rather, encouraged and helped and if possible, taught by you, to really, really help me do this properly. I owe it to my documentary subjects.

Price wise... I have no idea what something like this would cost, to just sit down and talk with me for an hour or two about everything. I can buy you lunch, or a beer, or two beers, if you need it. I can pay you a little for your time. I'm a starving artist, and a lot of my problem is that I don't have finances to complete this documentary until I can get a trailer made and post it on my Kickstarter I'll be doing with it, and then after that, I'll have money (I have a LOT of people waiting to back this... not bullshitting you there), but I can't even get a trailer done until I can make sense of what I actually have in my possession, in terms of the content and what I've filmed. I kind of just picked up my camera and started running with my subjects, since I work here in Tokyo in a very, very, very unique sub-culture world that few people know about. But I somehow got access to it lol. Anyway, if this is something you can do and help me with, please let me know. I really want to do this and I think it will be insanely awesome and fun! I hope you'll agree and help me sort through the madness and get a clear center line going through the documentary that we can start latching everything together with. Hope to hear from you and take care. I look forward to your kindness and expertise!
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