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Looking to rent a Japanese girlfriend to help fight my loneliness (Tokyo)

料金: tbd

I know this is very weird to ask, but here it goes:

I'm an American who lives in Tokyo and works a LOT. I have little time to meet anyone. I also do not use dating apps. For the work I am involved in, being on dating apps would not really be appropriate. Also, I don't have the time to swipe profiles and hope that somebody will talk to me. I also have no friends here in Tokyo who really have female friends they can connect me with. And lately, I'm just feeling very lonely, and want somebody to maybe come home to and enjoy and take out to eat and go to the movies with. You know, normal boyfriend and girlfriend stuff.
Since I moved here a few years ago, I came to realize that Japanese people and Japanese society define their social relationships according to roles. What role you play needs to be defined very specifically, or else it just won't work, or there is confusion. What I mean is that if you are my friend and you are a female, you will play that role as my female friend. It won't go any further, and if it does, that is a big deal. And I think Japanese females are looking for very specific types of people when they decide to date somebody, which doesn't help me, because I could fulfill everything on a JF's checklist except one thing, and that one thing will disqualify me automatically from being considered to be their boyfriend. Again... it's very role-based. Very structured.

So, I think to make it easy, I just would like to rent a girlfriend. This way, the role is very clearly defined, as our my expectations. This is what I'm looking for, and please be all of these things, or as close to them as possible:
1. Japanese and female.
2. Speak some English. If you do not, that's okay. I want to practice my Japanese with you anyway.
3. Be willing and open to coming over to my apartment and staying with me there. I also need help with cleaning my apartment, making me food. So please enjoy doing domestic stuff.
4. Enjoy music and movies. These are my two loves.
5. Be open-minded to discuss other things I'll want to do with you.

Let me know what you would cost per date/day you spend with me/week you are over. And just before you ask, I am NOT looking for an escort or a girlfriend experience... I genuinely just want somebody to make me feel attractive and wanted. I miss this so much. And my current situation makes it nearly impossible to meet anyone who can do these things for me.

I hope somebody will read this and reach out to me. I would make an excellent boyfriend, as I am very kind and considerate and very passionate, but it is hard here in Tokyo to meet people, you know? At least it is for me. And no, I'm not ugly. I have blond hair, blue eyes, no diseases, non-smoker, college educated, not overweight, not a midget, and very easygoing and respectful. And I love Japanese culture and Japanese people... so... maybe we can have fun together?

Hope to hear from you soon.
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