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Relationship tutor for WM looking to date JF (Tokyo)

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I have tried and tried to find somebody to date here in Japan. I've tried dating websites, dating apps, here on Craigslist (though every time I post something personal, somebody flags it of course). I work in an industry where I can't date the people I work with or anyone associated with the industry, and the worst part is that I'm in an industry with beautiful Japanese women. And I can't touch any of them.
So I want to hire somebody to help me find a Japanese woman to date. I do not think I am bad looking, and I can speak some Japanese, but I cannot do the whole pickup a girl in a street thing. I don't go to clubs either. I don't have time for that. And I am not trying to hire a professional match making service that is going to charge me thousands of dollars.
I am looking for a regular person who has some single Japanese friends that I can have fun with. It doesn't have to be serious relationship stuff either... it can be just for fun to start. So even if you have friends who are married and want to have somebody to play with on the side... it's fine with me for now. I am so lonely here in Tokyo and I want somebody to just touch and now I guess I am at the point where I will hire somebody to help me do this. And before you even say it, I am not going to do the whole Kabukicho thing where you know what is there... that is lifeless and cold... I want somebody who actually really wants me.
If this is you and you have some friends who are Japanese and female and looking for an American white guy who has blond hair, blue eyes, is highly educated, drug and di.s.eas.e free, non-smoker, and really passionate, please get in touch. Tell me what your price is to help me connect with them. I really want help to do this. I just am not sure what else to do anymore. Thank you so much.
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