(More than 160 people did this job) Voice recording job (Azabu-Juban)

料金: 2,000 yen + 1,000yen as a transportation fee
雇用形態種別: パートタイム

More than 160 people did this job for the AI research 
but we need few more people.
if you are interested in, please send me a message

※You need a visa which allows you to work in Japan

Day and time: 60min on Oct 23rd, 25th or 26th
Job contents : Reading a simple sentence for a software development.
Location: about 5 minutes from Azabu-Juban station.
Payment : 2,000 yen + 1,000yen as a transportation fee

Oct. 23rd, 25th or 26th
① 10am-11am
② 11am-12pm
③ 12pm-1pm
④ 1pm-2pm
⑤ 2pm-3pm
⑥ 3pm-4pm
⑦ 4pm-5pm
⑧ 5pm-6pm
⑨ 6pm-7pm

Note: when you apply to this one please tell me your available schedule as the example;
Ex) I am available ① through ⑤ on the 25th.
Then we would like to ask you what time we need you.

We are looking forward to your application
Best regards,

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