Picking operation workers needed! (Tokorozawa, Saitama)

料金: ¥950/h~ (¥100/h increase on Sundays & Holidays
雇用形態種別: パートタイム

{Job Requiremnts}
Japanese Level: Conversational

 Appropriate working visa (Student or Long-term resident etc.)
 Some kanji knowledge
 No prior experience necessary

{Job Content}

【Job contents】
Thank you for viewing Kyoei Distribution page. This collection center picks frozen, refrigerated, and chilled items ordered by customers using Coop Deli (Coop Co.) home delivery. All work is done on a Sunday-Thursday, five days a week. (You can feel free to consult the work days!) No need to worry about the job, At, first you will be working with a couple of people until you get used to it, and you will work alone after you have learnt your role. You will be given a set of uniforms, locker, free tea machine (cold tea and water).

[Job Contents]
Placing products on the belt conveyor into boxes.

Collecting the specified products from picking products in the material storage and flowing it on the conveyor. Replenishing the products flowing on the conveyor to the product shelf.

Packing an assortment of the box after the end of picking
Then, piling up assorted boxes on a special cart and take it down with a luggage elevator with a cover.

《Equipment transportation》
Arranging the products that came down with the luggage elevator in order to the shipping standby place
And, bringing the returned equipment (carts, cover, coolant) to the specified place.

On that day, goods to be used for picking refrigerated goods will be received from customers at midnight. We carry out inspection of the product (score, expiration date, temperature, confirmation of the standard, and inspection of the product for dirt and damage).

{Working hours}
Picking: 9:00~16:00 / 9:00~13:00 / 12:00~16:00 or 17:00 / 13:15~22:00 / 16:00~22:00 / 18:00~22:00
Replenishment: 7:00~15:45 / 8:00~16:00 / 8:00~16:45
Shipment: 8:00 ~16:45
Equipment transportation: 9:00 ~17:00
In-stock: 23:00~ 7:45 / 0:00~ 8:45

Kyoei Distribution Co., Ltd. Sakanoshita first cold collection center
30 min on foot from JR Musashino Line Higashi Tokorozawa station
*Free pick-up bus available from Tokorozawa Station, Higashi Tokorozawa Station, Yanasegawa Station
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