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VEGAN Banana Loaf or Carrot Loaf ~800grams - ¥1800 (Between Oji and Nishisugamo)

I generally bake on Saturdays. Sometimes I have one in the freezer.
Delicious grainy texture from wheat, whole wheat, small amounts of rye flour and chana (chick pea flour) and flax seed.
3rd photo is a variation that includes some ginger in the loaf.
Other variations are with chocolate, or raisins, or pumpkin in season, etc.

Baking is once a week generally on Saturday mornings (but sometimes on Friday mornings).
Will meet at Oji or Nishi-sugamo station.
NO PRESERVATIVES. Please consume quickly or freeze.
Qualifies as HALAL when there are no animal based oils/fats used.
Neighborhood sales receive priority, but sometimes there are one or two left.
Can be purchased fresh (Saturday or Sunday) and frozen (from Mondays).
Weight of 650 grams is approximate depending on bananas and humidity levels.
Half loaves are Y950 when available.
Contains at least the following:
white wheat flour
whole wheat flour
chick pea flour
ground flax seeds
(sometimes buckwheat flour)
light brown sugar
dark brown sugar
baking soda
baking powder
vegetable oil (no palm oil)
(carrot loaf may have ginger, banana loaf may have raisins)
Sunflower seeds may be added in other variations.
Buckwheat flour (half cup) can be used instead of whole wheat for an extra 100yen. Buckwheat is a "super food" in a category together with quinoa (but a bit cheaper). Unfortunately in Japan, buckwheat flour is pricey.
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