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Professional Gaijin cuddler here in Tokyo! Can comfort you! (Tokyo)

Hello! I'm an American white male who is a professional cuddler. If you are not sure what a "cuddler" is, I am somebody who will either go to your house (or you come to my apartment) and we lay down and I will hold you. I only do this with women (sorry guys). This is NOT a sexual service. No sex is offered and this is done together fully clothed (though I have done cuddling in my underwear. Sometimes skin on skin contact can be more comforting to people, but, once again, I have to state this is NOT about sex). The goal of cuddling is to offer you comfort, and heal you inside. Perhaps you are lonely, as Tokyo is a very lonely city. Or perhaps you want somebody to hold you because you broke up with your boyfriend or recently were divorced. Maybe you just want somebody to sleep next to at night. I can be all those things for you.
How it works is simple:
1. You message me and let me know for how long you want me to cuddle with you. I can do as long as you want (1 hour, 5 hours, all night, all day, etc.). We set up the booking time.
2. You pay for session when it's over. Cost is 5,000 yen/hr. If you decide to have me cuddle with you for more than 4 hours, then the hourly rate becomes 3,000 yen/hr. All night special package is 80,000 yen.

I speak some Japanese, so if you want to talk while we are lying down together, that is something I can possibly do. However, this is not just for Japanese women. Any race or nationality are welcome to schedule a cuddling session with me. And looks and age and size don't matter, since this is not about dating or attraction. I just love holding people and making them feel better, if I possibly can. There is real healing power in touching each other and relaxing together. Give me a try! If you become a regular of mine, I will offer you more discounts on costs too!

Thanks and all of you women out there, remember, you are totally beautiful and amazing and you deserve to be happy every minute of the day!
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