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ENGLISH/JAPANESE TRANSLATION SERVICE in Tokyo, Saitama (2,500JPY/1hr) (Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama)

English/Japanese Translation/Interpretation Service in Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama
*Japanese to English/English to Japanese, Native Japanese speaker's translation/interprets service with very high skilled academic English.

We offer to reserve any restaurants, hotels, tickets, and any facilities around the city of Tokyo. Please do not waste your money and waste your experiences of Japan's journey to the bad/expensive English translator/tour guide agencies or translation agencies. We can translate language at any places around the city of Tokyo and any circumstances such as company's contract, real estate's contract, open the new accounts for phone/cars/accommodation, divorce arbitration, divorce negotiation, importing goods ordering, documents translation, events, overseas guests' interprets and office meeting.

I have very experienced translation English to Japanese / Japanese to English in Japan/Foreign such as courts and legal contracts, company contractions for many times as a professional. If you hire someone from the professional translation/interpretation agencies you have to pay more than 8,000 JPY - 10,000 JPY for just an hour and too expensive to afford it. Also they will charge a lot of consign fee. Most of professional agencies' translators do not have any academic studies of English, lack of experiences of living overseas therefore they simply do not speak English very well indeed, and also it's very expensive to hire them. On the other hand, Chinese agencies do translation service a little bit cheaper than Japanese agencies however they do not speak well Japanese and English and most-likely people will not get satisfy their services.
I am a professional translator (English to Japanese/Japanese to English) and speak fluently both languages and this is the best and cheapest offer to get a translation service in Japan.

When you come/live in Japan and you might have difficulties to speak or understanding Japanese language accurately its probably difficult to dealing/touring/shopping/booking around city of Tokyo. Have you been get lost in somewhere or Have you ever faced difficulties to buy train/bus/subway tickets? or hard to deal/communicate with shopkeepers, contracting dealers or simply troubled to communicate Japanese people because they cannot speak/understand English completely.

Again, If you hire someone as a professional translator/ interpreter in Japan, most likely they are too expensive to afford, or simply you will not get satisfy their services because they can't speak/listen well, or they do translating for through the phone only and too difficult to dealing with.
So we can offer you better and cheaper translate/interpret service (Japanese to English/English to Japanese) and make a better dealing for business/negotiation deals/shopping so on.

Also if you come to Japan in first time, and barely speaking Japanese and touring around the city of Japan, I highly recommend to get a good translating tour guide who is native Japanese, trustworthy, and most importantly "very friendly", and do well translation, not broken English.

About my detail
I'm native Japanese who is living in Saitama (Next to Tokyo) area/Native Japanese speaker and speak business academic English fluently.
TOEFL Score 115-117/IELTS Band 8.5
I had been overseas (US/Canda/Australia/UK) total over 10 years.

Full day tour (***at least 2 hours translation services required. 8 hours maximum per day.) / Japanese and English translation and interpreter fee 2,500JPY/25USD~ per hour + expense round-trip transportation fee 1,500JPY-2,500JPY (Tokyo, Saitama, Yokohama area) for once service (bus + train tickets)
** (I do not charge anything for meals or entering facilities transactions while translation service.)
*** If you come to visit around my area"Tokorozawa, Saitama" you do NOT have to pay any transportation fee.
****More than one night two days travel out side city of Tokyo, or Saitama
You have to pay accommodation fee (hotel) for one translator, however it might be over budget for your tours so we can negotiate total translation service fee for you and discount hourly rates instead. So if you have any question about rates just let us know how many days, or hours do you need translation service in total.

Please make a reservation 3 days in advance.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us via phone, or e-mail (*** Please do not text/SMS/Short Mails).

Contact us:

Please try us and enjoy your Japan's journey full-filly.


通訳・翻訳料金は1時間2500円+交通費と派遣手数料1回のサービスごとに1500円~2500円(埼玉からの通訳の電車とバスの往復料金*消費税・派遣手数料込み)のみです。*** 所沢・埼玉エリアに直接来られる場合は交通費は無料です。支払い方法は通訳終了後に現金で通訳に直接会計して頂くので安心してご利用いただけます。


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