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Ryo's Moving Service (Kanto: Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, etc. Area)

Need to move your stuff safely? Contact Ryo's Moving Service. By using a mini van and a trailer, our service offers a fast and reliable delivery in Kanto area. NO worry about your stuff because our cargo insurance covers up to ¥2,000,000.

Minimum Charge: ¥3,000 (Van only)
Van Capacity: H120 W120 L170 (cm) 320KG
Trailer Capacity W150 L200 (cm) 200KG
Service Man: Local Japanese with English Fluency

The basic service will be performed by one single person with a van only, using an ordinary road; so additional services such as followings are subject to extra charge:
・Additional Labor (If your stuff is too big to carry for one person, and you can not provide a helper)
・Highway Use (Recommended for a time sensitive delivery)
・Trailer or bigger truck (If your staff does not fit in the back of the van) 
・Your stuff not ready to be loaded on the van (e.g. furniture not discomposed, sender still working on packaging at the time of service man arrival): so please have your stuff ready for loading before arrival.
・Disassembling, assembling, packing, and/or all other work necessary for moving.

Please include following information in a first message and we will give you free estimation.
1. Date/Time of delivery *Please include spare date and time so we can schedule other near delivery to your area and give you discounts.
2. Contents and measurements of your stuff (please include weight for heavy stuff)
3. Name of departure/ destination place
4. Building type (on which floor does your room located at both loading/unloading? Does both locations have elevator?)
5. Van only or Van with a trailer
6. Picture of your stuff, if possible

We will not be responsible for items getting dirty, or stained at the time of transfer if they are not properly wrapped up with protective material. So please make sure to pack items with protective materials.

Available 24/7, Contact us now!!
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