Break-up pain? Get back to your normal life and start thriving today! (Tokyo)

Hi there,

If you have experienced a divorce or a break-up and find yourself paralyzed and unable to move forward as a result, I would like to help you. I am a transformational coach, who knows exactly what you are going through. A range of emotions, like anger, guilt and sense of injustice may prevent you from getting on with your life. Staying mentally in your past and re-living the events will get you nowhere. I am offering you my coaching program which will allow you to come to terms with what has happened and find peace in order to start again with more appreciation and vigor for life.

Please do not spend too much time in this dark sad place, seek help and assistance to enjoy your life!

(I conduct one-hour sessions over Skype, phone, or any other App, there is no need to travel anywhere)
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