New Zealander Cafe English Tutor (Tokyo)

Hello there im Mikey from New Zealand, I am a personal trainer and freelance English teacher.
Living in Japan for 1 year

I like to work with all levels of English whether you are very limited or wanting to sharpen up/get a more natural flow with your English I could be of great help!

I like to create scenarios or the reason your wanting to practice English to help create a realistic environment to keep you engaged and eager to learn.

I like to keep change each session from natural conversation to grammar work both speaking and writing swell as work sheets!

I am not a strict teacher and have a unique yet efficient way of teaching,
I am very relaxed and easy to get along with, my main focus is to create an enjoyable atmosphere to keep you engaged, and allow a natural flow of English.

More Tourists!
More Travel!
More Oppotunties!

Although I try not to use it I do also speak conversation level Japanese to help explain specifics if you do not understand in English!

Feel free to send me an email about yourself and reason for learning English and we can begin with a discounted lesson!
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