Designer (3D, 2D, UI/UX, Animator/VFX/Effect) (Tokyo, Japan)

料金: 3M - 10M yen / year
雇用形態種別: フルタイム

Designer (3D Character, Environment, 2D, UI/UX, Animator/VFX/Effect)

①CG Character Modeler
(Portfolio required)

[Job Description]
Looking for 3D artist to join our team and help create the main characters and creatures for high-quality cinematic scenes.
・Create pre-rendered, high-end characters with 3DCG
・Work on characters’ form to texturing
・Design new characters
・Adapt characters for use in posters, promotional materials, or merchandise
[Required skills/experience]
・Work experience or equivalent skill in 3DCG design
・Experience using programs such as Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, etc.

[Desirable skills/experience]
・Skilled at drawing, painting, etc.
・Able to draw character designs
・Experience with Substance Painter or Substance Designer

②3DCG Environment Artist

[Job Description]
Environment creation for game development
Creation and implementation of graphic materials and game data resources in tandem
Graphic materials and implementation progress management

Languages/development environment
・Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance
・Unreal Engine, Unity, similar game engines

[Required skills/experience]
・At least 3 years’ experience in 3D environment creation utilizing Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance, or similar tools
・Experience with physics base rendering environment creation

[Desirable skills/experience]
・Prior experience working on more than one completed AAA game as a environment artist
・Professional-level lighting and post-production experience
・Experience with professional-level CG image creation and knowledge of pre-rendering CG
・Experience with programming/script creation
・2D concept art
Knowledge of physics, simulation and destruction data creation

③Artist (UI,UX,2D)

[Job descrition]
・Work with various teams to create UI for smartphone games using internal/external tools for 2D and 3D design
・Lead teams within the Art Department by overseeing schedules and priorities
・Manage coordination with other departments as well, including technical artists, involving workflow maintenance and documentation

[Required Skills/experiencse]
・3+ years experience as a designer in an entertainment industry (digital media, web, or print design)
・Leadership experience
・Can create designs through an effective team process
・Good communication and documentation ability
・3+ years experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects
・Basic computer proficiency

[Nice to have]
・General knowledge of all aspects of design for entertainment purposes, such as characters, environments, 2D/3D animation, and UI
・Some experience in 3D design programs such as Maya, 3DSMAX, Unity
・Enjoys sports or e-sports

④Animator for Mobile Games

[Job Description]

Directing and creating animations for various aspects of in-game development
Producing animations for in-game features such as finishing moves, leveling-up, gacha, etc

Languages/development environment
Unity, Spine, Maya, Photoshop, etc

[Required skills/experience]
・Ability to create character motions from the character creation stage utilizing 2D animation software, (preferably in Spine or Live2D, but Sprite Studio, etc may also be acceptable)
・At least 2 years’ experience with camerawork and visual footage creation (2D/3D/Live-action)
・Conversational Japanese ability
・Currently residing in Japan
・Must be able to provide a link to online portfolio/examples of prior published works

[Desirable skills/experience]
・Experience with storyboard creation/hand-drawn animation
・Experience working with both 2D illustration and 3D software (experience with Maya a plus)
・Strong interest in smartphone gaming, animation, image and illustration layout creation
・A team player who is also able to put forth their own ideas and work proactively
・Ability to consider the needs of users while also possessing a passionate interest in all aspects of game development

⑤3D Animator

[Job Description]
・Character motion creation
・In-game / animation cinematic creation

Languages/development environment
・Unity/Unreal Engine 4
・After Effects, Shuriken, SPARK GEAR, BISHAMON

[Required skills/experience]
・Professional motion creation experience using Maya/3ds Max, etc
・Experience creating 3D animation
・Professional experience at an animation or film company

[Desirable skills/experience]
・Professional effects experience using After Effects, Shuriken, SPARK GEAR, BISHAMON, etc
・Experience with motion creation using motion capture
・Ability to handle a wide workflow including modeling, textures, rigging, motion, and effects for 3D games

★Basic employee benefits
[Annual Salary]
4,000,000 JPY -10,000,000
(To be determined based on skills and experience)

Social health insurance
Travel expenses

[Job Location]

Weekends, National Holidays, New Year’s Vacation, Annual Paid Vacation, Personal Leave, etc
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