Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MK2 - ¥16000 (Ikebukuro)

The Hughes & Kettner Tubeman MK2 is a somewhat rare tube-driven preamp for guitar. It features two outputs: (1) for sending the preamped signal to a power amp (e.g. the effects return on a guitar amp) and (2) a speaker-simulated signal for direct recording. The stompbox design allows for versatile use in a home studio or on stage. The construction is very rugged, and the whole thing is quite well designed.

Let me just say this thing is truly awesome. I've used it with both outputs, as a preamp for the FX return on proper half-stack amps, and also as a direct-to-box unit for bedroom recording. First, it sounds really great when used with an amp. The cleans are full yet bright and responsive. The distortion is rich and open and has the versatility you would expect from H&K. As a direct-to-box unit, it's super cool. I think this thing has produced some of the best clean tones I've heard from a direct unit. You could run all your stomp boxes in front of it and record as if you were miking up an amp. The distortion tones are awesome and diverse, thanks to the tone and EQ options. If you're a home recorder looking to record direct into your interface with that boutique H&K tone, the Tubeman is for you.

Included is the unit itself and the official power supply.
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