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KTS Titanium Bridge Saddles for Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar/Mustang - ¥9000 (Koenji (Tokyo))

モデル名/型番: PR-Mu
状態 : ほぼ新品
製造メーカー: KTS Musical Products


"Used" titanium bridge saddle upgade for Fender Jazzmaster/Jaguar/Mustang guitars, manufactured by KTS Musical Products. 9,000 yen. KTS product ID is "PR-Mu."

If you play one of these Fender models, you know that the bridge as-shipped is a PITA. Who knows what Leo Fender's engineers were thinking . . .

Anyway, why suffer any more? Here's what KTS has to say about their product: There are no height screws in the saddles and each saddle is a different diameter so that they sit at different heights to compensate for the fingerboard radius. The Fender original Mustang saddles are assembled into the bridge loosely. Our "PR-Mu " saddles will fit the bridge perfectly and you won't see any gaps between the saddles. They will be more stable and the strings won't shift by hard picking. Better yet, you can get more deep midrange and longer sustain due to the character of the titanium material.



No haggling over the price. The Price Is The Price. I will NOT ship this anywhere; payment must be made in person, in cash. If you do not live in Tokyo, don't waste my time or yours by asking about shipments, etc.

DELIVERY: Pickup at Marunouchi Line, Shin-Koenji or Minami Asagaya station. On days when the weather is good, I might be willing to go to JR Chuo line Koenji or Asagaya but you MUST confirm it in advance. Please assume otherwise that we will meet at Shin-Koenji or Minami-Asagaya.


FAQ (Sorry, do not expect a reply to a mail asking any of these questions)

Question: "What's your final price?" "What's your price?" "Will you accept xxxx?" etc.
Answer: Please read the price at the top of this listing. That's my price. In fact, that's my Final Price. As I said, The Price Is The Price.

Question: "Are you interested in doing a trade?"
Answer: Yes, I'm interested in trading my item for your cash.

Question: "Is it still available?"
Answer: If you can still see this ad, that means it is still available. I delete my ads as soon as I make a sale. In short: yes, it's still available. (Instead, you can save us some time by telling me on what days and at what times you are available to meet me.)

Thanks for shopping!
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