Orchestral Baritone Sax - ¥849600 (Oklahoma, USA)


モデル名/型番: Mark VI
状態 : 美品
製造メーカー: Selmer

This is a Selmer Mark VI professional use baritone sax. Most saxophone websites insist that the Mark VI was the best sax ever made. The serial number says it was constructed in 1971 and judging from the finish and the pads, it has been well maintained. Condition: Excellent. Some minor scratches and a small worn spot in the finish, probably from where it rested against a metal chair while being played. Plays easily and is made for orchestral use but will be an excellent band instrument. Pads are almost new. Mouthpiece is brand new. This is the rare "Low A with altissimo F#." Case is hardwood covered with vinyl. Some small scratches and cuts in the case. Nothing major. Interior is very good. No worn spots or holes in the purple velvet lining. This is the Mercedes Benz of the saxophone world. On EBay this lists around $8,500.00. Letting go of it because I can no longer play it. This Sax is located in Oklahoma, USA. Payment through Paypal.
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