Let’s Sing A Cappella! (Tokyo, Shiuya)

Hi everyone!
Can we enjoy music if you don't have or If you cannot play any musical instruments?
Of course, Yes!!
We can sing any songs you like in a cappella style, create beautiful harmonies and exciting beats in anywhere on the street corner, in a park, etc, only if a small number of people get together!

"Let’s Sing A Cappella! (Tokyo) is a Meetup group for everyone from various countries who loves and wants to enjoy singing English a cappella songs together in Tokyo.
Both beginner and experienced person are welcome if you wont to enjoy singing.
For beginner, we can help and give advice to each other. So don't be afraid to join!
Also, this is a chance for you to make new friends you can enjoy singing together!

This group provide you opportunities to sing a cappella songs together at a music studio near Sibuya Station about once in a month on a weekend.
The songs we will sing each time are mainly, old famous pop songs, doo-wop songs, R&B songs, Christmas songs (in winter season), and so on which you may have heard before.

*The sheet music and sound files for practice will be provided to each participant beforehand.

Let's enjoy a cappella and have fun together!
For more information, please visit below web site.

Let’s Sing A Cappella! (Tokyo) / アカペラ Meetup 東京

If you have any question, please contact me.

I am looking forward to singing with you!
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