Adobe CS3 Design Premium for PC (日本語/ENG/ES/DE/FR/IT/NL/SE/KR) - ¥32000 (Tochomae st, Shinjuku)


モデル名/型番: CS3 for PC
製造メーカー: Adobe

This exclusive bundle is the essential package for Designer-Professionals, Associate-WebMasters, Photographer-Professionals, related Students and Tutors.

This exclusive bundle is a monolingual application (9-options), which is either: English, or French, or German, or Dutch, or Spanish, or Italian, or Swedish, or Japanese, or Korean.

This exclusive bundle (1.7 GB - 2.0 GB; depends on your preferred language) contains:
1. Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional.
2. Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.
3. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional (including: Flash Video-Encoder CS3).
4. Adobe InDesign CS3.
5. Adobe Illustrator CS3.
6. Adobe PhotoShop CS3 Extended.
7. Additional "Extra Graphical Content" from Adobe.
8. ReadMe-file (for activation).

The activation of this genuine application is based on 2-steps verification of 2-sets (2x 24-digits) of UNIQUE and VALID serial-number for each computer. A set of the Authorization-code will ONLY be valid on one/each machine.
Therefore, it’s always NEW item from us (NOT used-item NOR illegal-copy). Technically, CS3 is the fastest and the lightest among all similar type of Adobe-CS which applicable on currently Operating System of PC. However, this version may no longer be available for public at the official website of Adobe Systems Inc.

Due to this 2-steps verification, primary-code will be given in advance, and the authorization-code will be given when you contact us back at the time you activate it. The authorization-code will remain "unknown", until you install and activate it on your PC. It is what so-called as authentic and genuine. This will also ensure that the authorization-code you get from us will not be the same as the others, WHATSOEVER. The number is permanently valid (on the same HardDrive). It’s for either offline or online activation; No internet connection is required.

NO-risk of any virus as we do NOT use “Crack (pirated – activated component)” for activation, but UNIQUE and VALID number only. Based on a particular unique sequence and method at our hypothetical-testing ground, our numbering-machine accurately works at significant-level of 99.99% (Never Failed). So, we may also help you providing our unique number for the same price, if you already possess the module from another source.

The price might be altered due to a particular situation at a particular time, without prior notice.

Technical Requirements :
• Platform : Win7/7.1, or Win8/8.1, or Win10; Compatible for any language of physical-OS.
• Processor: Intel CORE-2-Duo (2.0 GHz), or AMD equivalent, or higher/newer.
• Memory: 2 GB of RAM (4 GB of RAM is recommended) or higher.
• Resolution: 1280 x 768 screen-monitor with 32bit graphics adapter or higher.
• Storage: 5 GB HD-space (speed 7,200-RPM is recommended), or SSD, or higher/faster.
• Extra: Java RunTime Environment (https://java.com/en/download/).

PDF-version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Tq7-sSG-nzq-POuEborwmnbFLGkJlQI/view?usp=sharing

• DVD-disk can be delivered to your preferred station of Oedo-line at anytime, and cash.

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