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Nikon D750 Full Frame DSLR (x2) - ¥85000 (Sumida-ku)


モデル名/型番: D750
状態 : 美品
製造メーカー: Nikon

Two of these amazing cameras for sale.
' Love them both like my own children, but it's time for an upgrade :)
They've been working hard over the last three years to bring some amazing shots to this world. (IG @henrydweddings)

Please note, signs of many adventures are there, but only on the outside. Like the scars on the face of the weathered warrior. On the inside, they carry many more stories to tell. These were no sofa travelers. They've seen the world for real.

The left one goes for 95.000.
The right one goes for 85.000.

See if you are quick enough and you might knock off 10.000 each.
Get them together, both go for the lower price each.

That means you get one for free (and then some) comparing to what I paid for them brand new. It's a full frame, boys & girls, works magic.
Now that I see this in writing, makes me wanna cry. But I'll be strong :)

I'm the owner of the first (and only) finger to ever click these beauties, original receipt, and all the standard equipment that comes with them not displayed in the pictures (cap, eyepiece, strap, cables, charger, even the box and manual of one of them (guy needs space in Japan).

First comes, first shoots, it's how it's always been.
Thanks for watching! ;)
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