Car Navigation DIANAVI: DNK-7700 / 2014 - ¥13000 (Chiba)

モデル名/型番: DNK-7700
状態 : ほぼ新品
製造メーカー: DIANAVI

Map data 2014 (Used like new)
Map software capacity 16GB built-in memory
Corresponding to the microSD card · microSDHC card of up to microSD slot 32GB
LED backlight LCD 7.0 inches TFT (WVGA)
Resolution: 800 × 480 pixel touch panel
Built-in speaker monaural (1W)
Earphone φ3.5mm stereo mini-jack
Camera input φ3.5mm mini-jack (dedicated camera input cable sold separately)
Cigar power DC 12~24 V
Cigar socket power supply
Adapter fuse glass tube fuse (5mm × 20mm) 2A
Operating temperature 0 ℃ ~60 ℃
Size (approximately) (W) 203 × (H) 117 × (D) 20 mm
Weight (approximately) 400 g
Producer South Korea
※ body specifications are subject to change without notice.
Map software
Map data 2014 edition Sumitomo Electric System Solutions Co., Ltd.
Address registration data about 3,884 million cases
Telephone number data about 6,020,000 reviews
Around search data about 74 million cases
Facility search data
(Name search data) about 6.8 million items
Lane Guide General road: about 100,000
Direction guidance general road: about 110,000
Lane sign illustrations ETC: about 1,110
Service area parking area about 560 restaurants
Branch illustrations urban expressway entrance: about 670
Fast branch and outlet: about 4,500
General road side road branches: about 1,390
Intersection display two screens high speed larger image
Map scale 10m~100km
Map scale level 14 stage
Junction review correspondence
Lane display support
Rurubu DATA Specifications
Things to Do
About 42,700 cases (day spa, including your local gourmet information)
※ rurubu DATA has me for a data of 2014 the end of March.
Supported media file
Supported formats (extension)
Video files AVI, MP4 (※ resolution 800 × 480 pixel or less)
Music file MP3
Image files JPG, BMP, PNG (※ resolution 800 × 480 pixel or less)
※ To use the multimedia features, it requires a separate microSD card.

DC power adapter
Stand fixed seat
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