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¥28000 / 155m2 - TETRIS House/Ikebukuro 5min/ Shinjuku 10min/ Shibuya, Akihabara 15minT


155m2 選択可能 2月 25


★Good location and convenient!

・ It is all reasonable and fresh shopping, faced on the famous and called Jujo Ginza shopping district in front of Jujo station. You will never be in the rain because it is under the arcade.
・ Convenience store, 100 yen shop, grocery store, restaurant, bank, etc. are nearby!

★ Convenient access (you can go by one train!)

・ Ikebukuro 5 min / 160 yen
・ Shinjuku 10 minutes / 170 yen
・ Ueno 10 minutes / 170 yen
・ Akihabara 10 minutes / 170 yen
・ Shibuya 15 minutes / 220 yen

★ Nearest station (on foot)

・ JR Saikyo Line Jujo Station less than 1 minute
・ JR Keihin Tohoku Line Higashi-Jujo Station 6 minutes

★ Facility

・ Free Wi-Fi
・ Bed, futon, cooking utensils, tableware
・ Coin showers, coin-operated laundry, iron and hair dryer
・ Since basic items are complete, it is not necessary to buy them.


・ Fluctuates every month, but about 50% Japanese, 50% foreigners and half
・ Each teaches Japanese and English.
・ Everyone lives happily with their good friends.

★ Staff is always resident!

・ Security is also safe
・ With the cleaning sharing system, cooperate with everyone beautifully!

★ Dormitory room for men and women

・ The bed is a capsule hotel style private space.
・ There are space for exclusive luggage which can put several large suitcases.

★ Rent
31,000 yen or 36,500 yen(depend on the bed type you chose)

※ Utility fee: 5,370 yen(Wi-Fi, electricity, gas, water and air conditioning except coin shower and washing machine) /month
※ Deposit 20,000 yen(when you move out 10,000 yen repayment after 12 months stay)
※ Introduce your friend: 10,000 yen Cash back
※ Calculation on halfway will be calculated on a daily basis
※ Tax 10 %

★ Residence conditions

・ Staying for over 1 month (indefinite)
・ Resident registration available
・ Age, gender, nationality incompetence
・ No guarantor required
・ Easy interview examination available

~ ~ A message from a resident (29-year-old Japanese woman) ~~
Nice to meet you, I have been living for two years in this share house.
Nine people and administrators live together now.
I and Allana who is from USA got permission from the manager to have a new family (a hamster called "Hamusuke")!
It is a lively life to have a party every month. Because the kitchen is also easy to use, you can make favorite sweets and cook well and eat with someone.
The female room is a dormitory room for up to six people. Two Japanese including me and a woman who are from France came to study Japanese live now in the female room, so it would be nice to have a roommate of a comforting girl.
I am shy personally at my own pace but I am a Disney lover who can talk a lot if I get along. I went to Disney once a week at pace. I am waiting for a Disney favorite girl.
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