25m2 - Classical Japanese beautiful room (Tokyo)



My name is Hitomi and I am looking for a female roommate in Tokyo, starting from October.
I am a 32 y/o Japanese woman and I do freelance creative work.
I can only speak a little English. (I asked a friend to translate this ad for me.)
I live in a small but beautiful 2K apartment which is 8 minutes' walk away from the Mejiro station on the Yamanote line. From Mejiro it only takes 6 minutes by train to Shinjuku and 13 minutes to Shibuya.
Mejiro is a safe and beautiful, luxurious residential area. In the neighborhood there is a former shogun's residence and the school which the members of the Royal Family attend.
My expectations for a roommate are as follows:
1. Can pay the rent on time
2. Can stay for more than 1 year
3. Can speak enough Japanese for simple daily conversation
4. Can speak English
5. Can keep the apartment clean
6. Is not loud and does not have unhealthy habits
7. In case of any problem, can keep calm and aim to resolve it reasonably
8. Is a positive and considerate person
I really enjoy cooking and sharing food, so I would be happy if you like cooking and eating together too.
My other interests include: music, reading books, classic Japanese and European literature, kimono, Buddhist cuisine, zen, meditation, yoga.
I'm also interested in European, Balkan and Iranian culture.
I don't smoke or drink and I'm pescatarian. However, I don't mind it if you eat meat.
If you like beautiful things and traditional Japanese culture, I'm sure we will get along.
If you would like to enjoy Japanese culture together, I will gladly share with you what I know.
I have previously shared the apartment with female Polish musicians, so if you like or play music, that would be nice too.
Let's enjoy life in Japan together!

If you could, please answer the following questions. If there are any which you consider too private, it is okay not to answer.
I'm asking these questions because I wish for us to understand each other well and have a harmonious share life together. So please understand that it is not my intention to invade your privacy.
If there is anything you would like to know about me, you can ask too!

Your visa status:
Your occupation:
Part time or full time:
Is your working schedule different from typical Monday to Friday? :
Do you smoke? :
How long have you lived in Japan? :
What is your level of Japanese? :
Why did you apply for this room? :
How long would you like to stay? :
Do you have any health problems? :
Your interests:
If you have any questions or concerns about the room, feel free to ask:
Please tell me something about yourself:
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