Popular Onigiri Store Staff! Hiring! NOW (Nakanosakaue)

料金: 1050 yen
雇用形態種別: パートタイム

Popular Onigiri Store Staff! HELP WANTED!

*****Please do not apply from overseas.
Tourist visa NG.

Job Type : Onigiri store

Work Type : Part-time

Location : Tokyo, Nakanosakaue st (中野坂上駅)

Hourly Wage : JPY 1,050

Working Hours : 6:00 - 12:00
Working days negotiable. 3 days or more

Transportation allowances : fully paid

Job Requirements :
● Valid student, working holiday, permanent, long-term resident or dependent visa
● Japanese level - conversational level N4 or higher
● No experience or age requirement
● Being able to work longer than 3 months
● Facial hair and nails NG

Job Description : Onigiri store is a popular rice ball specialty shop.

We are now looking for new staff who can work with us at our Nakanosakaue Store!

You will be making and selling rice balls, bento and side dishes.

We have workers with a wide-range of ages from 20~50 !
We are looking for staff who can serve customers with a smile!

☆ ★ You can buy all our products at half price!☆ ★
Delicious rice balls and prepared dishes are great as they can be bought at half price!

Please feel free to contact us by FB or here by "REPLY"
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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