[Tokyo] [Game Debugging Team Leader] Remote work available / ([Tokyo])

料金: Annual salary: 3 million to 6 million yen
job title: IT Engineer / Debugger, Tester
雇用形態種別: フルタイム
■Resume and work history written in Japanese are required.
■We are an employment agency.
■Requires N1 level Japanese.

Employment type
Full-time employee (unlimited contract)

Job description
■Position overview
Our First Business Division, which is responsible for services in the entertainment field, provides comprehensive quality assurance services to clients, mainly game companies, including testing in the game development process for smartphones and home game consoles, as well as post-release support.

This position will involve working with operators (mainly young people in their 20s and 30s) working at our center as an on-site specialist who will support clients in solving their problems, and will be in charge of test leadership.

This position will support the design and construction of titles for major game companies and overseas titles, as well as maintaining stable operation, human resource management, client negotiations, improvement proposals, and budget and schedule control.

In order to deliver greater peace of mind and safety to the world, you will support project promotion so that we can provide a high level of quality assurance services every day with sincerity.

■Job Description
Improvement of project team quality
- Propose the best test execution plan based on the test policy agreed with the client company and the quality control department
- Formulate test plan and estimate, prepare environment
- Review test process, revise plan as necessary, consult with client company
- Analyze results and report to client company along with improvement proposals

Training and labor management of debugging team members
- QA work (quality control)
- Creation and management of test schedule
- Creation of test item documents
- New employee training
- Troubleshooting

■Specific job description
Main mission is to follow up with team members
- Management of test executors
- Test design
- Understanding basic design documents/detailed design documents
- Creating test design for single function
- Reviewing test design documents

Lead team members of about 10 to 50 people.

While managing members, you will plan and design quality assurance plans, negotiate with customers, and promote projects.

■About the organization you are responsible for
- One title leader within the project team in the center you are responsible for. Basically, leaders do not hold multiple projects at the same time.
・Your areas of responsibility will mainly be mobile games and PC games.

Depending on your experience, you may be working at the mobile center instead of the Akihabara center.


Our company provides BPO services that utilize a wide range of Internet technologies, including software quality verification, monitoring, customer support, and online fraud countermeasures, with a focus on the "game debugging" business, which detects "bugs" that occur in games and restores them to normal.

While stable as a prime listed company group company, we continue to change through active M&A and new business development, and continue to challenge ourselves with a venture spirit despite being a major company.

■Three companies merge in 2022! We provide cutting-edge IT solutions

Pole to Win was founded in 1994 as a pioneering debugging outsourcing company. In February 2022, we merged with "Pit Crew," a net support company that is strong in e-commerce fraud countermeasures and customer support, and "Coors," which not only verifies and reduces defects from a third-party perspective, mainly focusing on software, but also plays a consulting role for manufacturers, etc. By combining the strengths of the three companies and working with group companies both in Japan and overseas, we are able to provide flexible and total support for the five stages of the "service life cycle" - planning, development, release, operation, and improvement - and continue to evolve and develop our services to meet the needs of the times.

■Excellent teamwork! High communication skills are attractive
The company is made up of many highly specialized engineers through the merger of three companies, but it also has many colleagues who can communicate well and has a rich international flavor. In addition, we have a culture where employees can exchange opinions frankly and work together regardless of age or department. Many people like games and apps, so we can talk to each other and get along well outside of work. In addition, as our company's mission of "creating something new together" implies, we are proactive about new things, absorbing knowledge and putting new ideas to use. Last year, the Tokyo Game Show was resumed, and we are a rapidly growing company with an increasing number of overseas projects, including the rise of the domestic game market.

■Always taking on new challenges! Aiming for fun growth together with our colleagues
Pole To Win's corporate logo "PTW" is represented by the orange color "PTW Sun," which gives the impression of "opening people's hearts" and "exciting entertainment." Our mission is to provide optimal support when creating "new" services and products to make the world more convenient and fun. Based on our three values ​​of "taking a step forward" = challenging, "going beyond boundaries" = connecting, and "taking pride as a professional" = having fun, we want to be a reliable partner who is close to our customers, worries and laughs together with them.

Application requirements
[Required requirements] Those who have experience in any of the following:
・Debugging experience
・Work experience in the game industry
・Experience planning test schedules and test execution
・Management experience such as personnel adjustment and system construction required for test execution
・Experience in test design and test case creation
・Knowledge of bug tracking systems such as Redmine/JIRA

Required years of experience
Preferred conditions
Annual salary 3 million to 6 million yen

Salary details
(Salary examples, etc.)
Annual salary system
3 million to 6 million yen

Expected monthly salary (12 divisions)
250,000 to 500,500 yen

Includes 20 hours of deemed overtime
*Nighttime allowance (for work from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.) is paid separately
Salary review: twice a year
No bonuses due to annual salary system
・Salary increase twice a year (April, October)

Bonus details

Workplace details
■Akihabara Center 3rd floor, AKS Building, 3 Kanda-Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

■Mobile Center 3rd floor, Stairs Building, 2-4-8 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Possibility of transfer
Working hours
10:00-19:00 (8 hours of scheduled work, 60 minutes of break)
*If assigned to the Mobile Center
10:00-19:00, 22:00-7:00 (8 hours of scheduled work, 60 minutes of break)
Times may vary slightly depending on the project you participate in.

Average monthly overtime hours
Various allowances
Employee benefits
◆Full social insurance (employment, industrial accident, health, welfare pension)
◆Various health insurance subsidy systems available (subsidies for use of the association's tourist facilities, resorts, sports gyms, etc., subsidies for the placement of regular medications, subsidies for overseas travel and accommodation, etc.)
・Salary increase twice a year (April, October)
・Transportation expenses (up to 50,000 yen per month)
・Travel allowance
・Retirement allowance system
・Condolence and celebration money
・Employee stock ownership plan
・Remote work allowed
・Side jobs allowed (conditions apply)
・Qualification acquisition support (up to 50,000 yen including exam fees and transportation costs)
・Award system
・Club activity system
・Free coffee/black tea/green tea, Snacks for sale in the office

Recreation facilities

In-house one-coin chiropractic and rest room

Asset formation seminar

Anti-harassment measures (free consultation room, etc.)


Shift system

2 days off per week

Over 120 days off per year

◆ Annual holidays: 121-124 days per year based on the company calendar (123 days in 2022)

◆ Annual paid leave

10 days granted on the day of joining

◆ Flex holiday (2 days/year granted to those who join as of February 1 each year)

◆ Child care leave/nursing care leave/special leave/leave of absence (unpaid)

Trial period

Trial period (details)

There is a 3-month trial period. Salary and benefits will not change during that time.

Number of employees


Selection flow

Document screening

Interview (2 times) + aptitude test


*We are happy to discuss the interview date and joining date. Please feel free to contact us.

People with a high chance of being hired
[Preferred conditions]
・Test design experience
・Test team progress management experience
・Customer liaison experience
・New employee training experience
・Full-time experience at a customer site
・JSTQB Foundation Level qualification or equivalent knowledge

[Person profile]
・Someone who can empathize with Pole To Win's business activities and vision
・Someone who can actively communicate with internal and external stakeholders
・Someone who likes games and wants to work in games
・Someone who can respond flexibly and quickly even in a fast-growing and changing environment
・Someone who is highly motivated to learn
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