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Web/mobile software engineer (Tokyo)

料金: 4.2 million to 8 million
雇用形態種別: フルタイム

Position: web/mobile software engineer
Salary: 4.2 - 8 million JPY
Company’s core business: drone-based services and solutions
Core requirement: web and&or mobile development experience [PHP (Laravel), Python, Node.js, C #, C ++, Java, Swift, Objective-C]
Location: Tokyo
Japanese language ability: conversational (from N3 level as reference), to be able to have interview in Japanese (even with mistake)

About the hiring company (we represent):
This is a startup that provides industrial drone-based solutions and services. Its aim is to fully automate operations. They have a fully mobile drone system with automatic take-off and landing, automatic charging, and automatic data link functions. It can be operated as a set-up drone system (drone port) in areas such as security monitoring and equipment inspection of large-scale sites. This eliminates the need for workers to go to the site each time, enabling efficient and safe work execution. In June 2019 it was selected for the JStartup, a startup company development support program promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The company will continue developing its business in order to become a market leader in the growing drone or drone-related market.

Mobile and web software development for the company’s services.

Technology environment
Development languages: PHP (Laravel), Python, Node.js, C #, C ++, Java, Swift, Objective-C
Development environment: Azure, Docker, Linux, Windows app, Mac app, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, DJI SDK, Dronecode, OpenCV, OpenSfM
Database: MySQL, Redis
Development PC: Mac
Source code / issue management: GitLab CI tool: GitLab CI
Chat tool: Slack
Information sharing: G Sutie

Software engineering experience; particularly and one or more of the following: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C #, C ++, Azure, AWS, etc; Cloud infrastructure
Fluency in English and ability to have interview in Japanese (even with broken Japanese)
Welcome requirements Knowledge of Deep Learning / Machine Learning ・ Knowledge of Image Processing / Image Recognition / Image Analysis / Practical Experience in Control Software, Operation Software Development, etc. / loT experience/ Having a wide range of interests in new things / challenge taking spirit
Salary: 4.2 million ~ 8 million JPY
Salary revision: twice a year (January and July) / Determined based on the most recent half year's performance assessment
Coverage of commuting expenses
Annual holidays: 124 days [weekends; public holidays; New Year holidays ・ Summer holidays]; Paid leave (10 days for the first year) ・ Congratulatory leave ・ Special paid leave linked to evaluation Other benefits/perks: Telework system when weather and public transportation are disturbed ・ Pregnancy, childbirth, childcare and nursing care systems support.
No regular bonus but separate bonus system depending on performance

* ONLY for those already residing in Japan
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