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Gaming PC Combo - i7 +16 GB RAM - VR READY - SSD + 2TB - 25 Games - ¥79999 (Nakagawa Station - Kanagawa (Blue Line/Den en Toshi)


サイズ/寸法: ATX
製造メーカー: Genuine Intel CPU / ASUS

First come, first serve. Everything is included with the price. Great option as a present/gift.

Perfect gaming computer to run FullHD games or even 1440p. You'll be able to run all the new games in high settings keeping a good frame rate (60FPS+) and also VR Games.

For free, I'm adding my collection of more than +25 games, DRM-Free all pre-installed (if you wish these are easy to remove). You can get free to play games like Fortnite, Dota 2, Apex Legends easily working with this computer.

Everything was put together by a professional IT. All the parts were carefully cleaned and checked. You can see on the pictures, the neat cable management, how clean the inside of the PC is, and the new parts.

The price is for everything: PC Tower, FullHD monitor (in the original box), keyboard/mouse, and all the necessary cables needed. Ready to use with all the games installed. No need to pay 10% tax here.

Pick-up and try it for yourself. Kanagawa, Nakagawa St. on BlueLine. Den en Toshi Line, Azamino St.

I work in a school, I'm able to provide a room with the computer an all the components working properly. You can take all the time you want, to check the computer or try the games you want. I can previously install the games you want to try if you tell me. You can park in front of the school. The train station is only 1 min. from the place (easy to pick up with a cart as well).

Detailed Specs of the PC

i7 3930K - 16 GB RAM - VR READY - SSD + 2TB HDD

i7 3930K - Overclocked to 4.3 Ghz

6 cores 12 threads / Gaming CPU with the opportunity to overclock and get the most of it. Water Cooler keeping the chip around 50°C while gaming.

Memory: 16 GB RAM / (4x4 GB RAM) Quad Channel

The motherboad has 4 more slots free and up to 128 GB RAM Upgradable.


Similar to a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (in between GTX 1650 and GTX 1660)

Hard Drives:

1. SSD Lexar 120 GB (Brand new). Fresh Windows 10 Pro installation. Activated and updated to the new version 1903. On the SSD for optimal speed.

2. HDD WD 2TB. Plenty of space. Installing +25 games only took 20% of the space (80% still free).

BluRay Included.

Antec Case: All black, noise reduction and 4 fans, keeping all black design for a great airflow. Very easy to clean with x2 dust filters.

Amazing air flow with a beautiful style and quiet.

Monitor: iiyama Pro Lite E2473HS. 24 inch monitor, Full HD 1080p. All cables included. Comes in the original box.

Keyboard and new mouse with back-light.

All the cables to connect the computer are included (DVI cables, power cables, etc.). Just connect everything at home and start playing.

Games included (DRM-Free no need for an account, ready to play):

- The Witcher 3
- Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
- Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition
- A Plague Tale
- Divinity: Original Sin 2
- Disco Elysium
- Bloodstained
- The Bard's Tale IV
- The Surge: Augmented Edition
- No Man's Sky
- Darksiders 3
- Darksiders Genesis
- Fallout New Vegas
- Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition
- Grim Dawn
- Torchlight 2
- LEGO Starwars the Complete Saga
- Metro 2033 Redux
- Call of Juarez
- Cuphead
- Dead Cells
- Undertale
- Vampyr
- Transistor
- Stardew Valley
- Firewatch
- Call of Cthulhu

Ask me for the game you want and if I have it I can prepare it for you (legal copies no piracy).

Thanks for reading!

If you want a cheaper computer combo and in a smaller size please see this computer: 連絡先情報を表示 .html
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