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Pure Fit Swing Core PF6000 - ¥3000 (Minami azabu)


状態 : 美品
製造メーカー: Pure fit

Original price 10000yen

[Constriction is made with the pelvic swing left and right. ]
Just by swinging the pelvis back and forth, left and right, the outer abdominal oblique muscles are trained and the waist completely tightened is actually realized. By moving back and forth, left and right, you can tighten your stomach, prevent back pain, and create a youthful beauty posture. There is an orbit in the body, and the muscles around the pelvis are softened efficiently and increase muscle strength efficiently and safely.
◇ Hula swing for training the abdominal oblique muscles and constricting the waist. Align the knees, train the adductor muscles and shape the thighs.
◇ For the riding swing, train your stomach to make it a beautiful belly and stretch your back to a beautiful posture.
◇ Your youthful muscles around the hip joint by swinging the legs. Smart around your legs.
◇ For back pain prevention by moving the pelvis back and forth and left and right.
◇ A beautiful posture is expected by improving the posture by moving the pelvis in various directions.
◇ Usually used as a pelvic cushion, it suppresses the spread of the sciatic bone and makes it crisp.

Model Number: PF6000
Color: Body: light gray, cushion: pink, green
body size: about 40 × 21 × 16cm
Weight: about 2.8kg
Load capacity: about 80kg
use Height: 145 ~ 175cm following
noise measurement: Tested 38dB (background noise 30dB)
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