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【BEWARE】Scammer selling MacBook and other items (update 3)

モデル名/型番: MacBook
製造メーカー: Apple

[UPDATE 2/25]

There is an upsurge in scams these days on Craiglist, so I repost the following.

BE CAREFUL to abnormally low priced MacBook, iPads, or iPhones. Here are some examples to avoid AT ALL COSTS:
Line ID: Easybuy262
Line ID jennywolf577 連絡先情報を表示 .html?lang=en&cc=us

Nobody would sell brand-new 16" MacBooks at this price.

Please be careful.
The scammer is now operating under the name モハメッド.アーメドー (or just アーメドー)
Before that, Bin Shadiq, Ganbaatar, Gusmendo. He might be using other names, which are all stolen.

The scammer might ask you to exchange Line IDs (by sending you his QR code) right after you make first contact.

He is still active on Craiglist and still posting scams. (mostly electronic, MacBooks, iPads, iWatch, iPhone...)

If you see an abnormally low priced MacBook, there is a high chance this is a scam. BE CAREFUL. html?lang=en&cc=us
↑ for instance, this is scam, by the same scammer. Nobody would send this high-end MacBook at this price.
↑ the scammer might be sending this website as a "proof". This is a fake Facebook profile.

The scammer might send you a resident card copy, which isn't his, but stolen. Do not post them on Craiglist, as they are also victims. This would do more harm than good.

DO NOT send him a copy of your resident card. There is a high chance that he will use it for his future scams.

This might be obvious, but DO NOT ACCEPT delivery upon your payment. Please check Craiglist' rules for avoiding scams.

Please be careful.

Below is my experience with the scammer:
Some guy named モハメッド アーメドーsupposedly living in Tokyo, is trying to scam people selling really cheap MacBook.

He is trying to sell these high-end MacBook to a really cheap price, which is too good to be true, obviously. Out of curiosity (and because I'm actively looking for a new MacBook for work), I tried to contact him and we chatted on Line. He claimed he is not living in Tokyo but Shizuoka, and said that he is willing to ship the computer, after I wired the money.

Of course, I didn't fall for that, as this is a huge red flag for scam.
His reason for selling these MacBook for cheap is for financial reasons.

I stopped the conversation and blocked him. But I tried to reply to another of his ad, as I was sure that was him. (as the MacBook was really cheap)

This time, he claimed he is the owner of a shop in Shizuoka:

This is obviously a fake profile, and is not a solid proof of someone owning a business. I tried several times asking for a proof that makes me feel safe about buying him a MacBook, but failed to provide a single one.

He also sent me a copy of his residence card and driver licence via email, but I won't be posting them as this man must have stolen them. I will try to contact this person to warn him that a scammer is usurpating his identity for scamming people.

I asked him to send the MacBook to an acquaintance in Tokyo, as this would safer for both of us, but he told me he doesn't have any friends in Tokyo, but in Aichi, Nagoya and Yokohama.
I told him that Yokohama would be perfect, and I can move there to get the MacBook. The conversation ended there.

This was obviously a huge scam and I was just curious to tickle this scammer, and was not thinking about giving this man a dime.

I'm writing this post to warn people who might be interested to these very attractive offers (the price itself should act as a red flag though)

PLEASE do not FALL for this scam.
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