Compaq NX4820 - ¥3000 (Setagaya, Tokyo)

サイズ/寸法: 334 mm x 230 mm x 33 mm
モデル名/型番: NX4820
状態 : 良品
製造メーカー: Compaq

This is a decent computer for light work. I have used it for presentations successfully, and it works fine for Web browsing, email, and the like. I am willing to swap for a working Nvidia video card with more than 1GB memory and HDMI and DVI output.

Processor: Intel Celeron M (32-bit)
Memory: 256-MB DDR synchronous DRAM (expandable to 1.0 GB)
Hard drive: 80 GB
Optical (CD/DVD ROM) Drive: Yes. (I have not checked whether this works because I do not have any CDs or DVDs)
Ports: USB 2.0 (3)
PC Card/Express Card Slots: Support for one Type II PC Card slots, with support for both 32-bit (CardBus) and 16-bit PC Cards
AC Power: 65W
Ethernet works well.
Both native Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi dongles work.
Trackpad works surprisingly well.

Installed OS: (1) Windows XP Home (Japanese). This boots, but I have not used it.
(2) (Puppy Linux) BionicPup32 8.0 (based on Ubuntu 18.04; switchable between English and Japanese) (set as default)
I have also used Lubuntu on it.

Included accessories: Original power cord.

Battery seems OK, although I have not used it to empty, so I do not know how long it lasts.

N.B.: I have not tried to do anything with the Windows side of the computer, but it runs.

The computer works fine for Web browsing, light office software work, and text editing, and the like. I used it for projecting PDFs and Web pages during presentations, and it served well.

Reason for selling: Someone gave me a slightly better computer.
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