Enjoy Pakistan & Chapatti cuisine with Wine - ¥2500 (GINZA7-9-15 8F(CHUO-KU/TOKYO)


friday 2019-09-06

会場: ginza7-9-15 8F chuo-ku TOKYO
利用できる数字: 50

When the hot summer reach its end, everyone seem tired. At this moment, How about delighting in an etchnic cuisine full of spices?

Enjoy Pakistan & Chapatti cuisine along with the best wine. Surronded by a wonderful atmosphere, talking to people from many different countries while listening to a pleasing live music performance.

In AFELIZ, preparing for the upcoming Olympic games, you can find staff from many different countries.
On this night, Jhon, a Chef who worked in Pakistan & Asia, will prepare the best dishes of pakistan cuisine.

[Event information]

Event date: 30, September 2019

Event time: 18:00h ~21:00h

[Price per person]
- 2500¥ (advanced ticket Price)
*Please send us an email to < 連絡先情報を表示 > to buy it.

- 3000¥ (at the day of the event)

*Price includes food & welcome drink.


Please bring one bottle of your favourite wine(≒around 1000¥) {750ml} and enjoy it with everyone.

*If you can't bring your own wine, there will be a charge of 1500¥ of drinking charge during the event.

*All the brought wine bottles must be unoppened.
*Wine bottles will be collected at the entrance and will be used for the party.

[Buffet style Menu]
*Shish kebab (picho style)
*Chapatti of different tastes
*Beans & fruits salad with yogurt dressing
*Beans Curry
* Chicken curry
*Biriani Paella style

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