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Private tour guide for you!! (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara)

Hello. I am a Hero from Shiga. I have lived in Denmark, Canada, Germany.
I would like to explore Japan with you without a language barrier. I know well about local foods (both cheap nice one and expensive fancy one), nature, sightseeing spots. Also, I can guide hiking, fishing, snorkeling...all kinds of outdoor sports. Let's go on an adventure together. I am originally from Shiga prefecture. Then I have lived in Nara, Okinawa. My major is marine biology. I played volleyball, rugby, swimming, and diving! So I am happy to talk to you about science. I can guide Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe, and Shiga. Also, I know where we can eat tasty melon pan, Gyoza, sushi, sukiyaki, pizza, udon, and Japanese BBQ!! Vegan and vegetarian restaurant too!! Yes, I am super foodie person!

In addition, other places are negotiable by texting! You can check my guiding picture here,

Check out more information about guiding by URL below

Guiding fee is 3600 yen per hour.

Facebook, instagram ==== inouehiroshi0831
Please send me a message to ====== 連絡先情報を表示
You can also scan my whatsApp QR code.
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